Sponsorship Planner objectives cards

Social Media Planner, in partnership with SponServe, Australia’s leading cloud-based sponsorship management tool, has just released the next desktop business tool in our collection – Sponsorship Planner.

Based on over 50-years of sponsorship management experience, and tested with national sporting bodies, Sponsorship Planner is designed to demystify and simplify the process of constructing effective sponsorship packages for rights holders and sponsors alike.

Applying gamification principles, Sponsorship Planner makes it easy for rights holders to work with new sponsors around a table to design custom sponsorship packages that meet their marketing goals.

Sponsorship Planner deck

Sponsorship Planner also helps rights holders (sports clubs, arts bodies, events, programs and more) to develop innovative sponsorship packages that will be attractive and effective for their potential sponsors, and to communicate to their boards and senior leadership (who often lack sponsorship expertise) why the organisation’s Sponsorship Manager has designed sponsorship packages in particular ways.

Right now we’re preparing videos to demonstrate how Sponsorship Planner can be used, but you can pre-order a deck now in the Social Media Planner shop.