The easiest way to develop effective social media strategies

Designed by digital specialist Craig Thomler, Social Media Planner combines 20-years of digital engagement experience with game-like play to create an engaging, tactile and interactive way for groups and individuals to develop, discuss and test social and digital media strategies.

Tested by hundreds of people across three continents over five years, Social Media Planner has proven itself as a business tool and training aid which supports groups to come together, regardless of their social experience, and collaboratively design great digital strategies.

Social Media Planner was specifically deliberately designed to get technology out of the way, helping teams to think differently, fostering innovation and a goals-focused approach to digital strategy.

Business owners and sole traders

Social Media Planner helps business owners build their experience and confidence with digital media, leading to better online engagement, increased positive reputation and more sales.

Business owners who are yet to take their businesses online can safely experiment on a table with different social media strategies and make a decision on which best suits their needs.

Those business owners who are already online can use Social Media Planner to discover new tools and approaches they may not be aware of or have considered, helping them to improve their social engagement and improve their returns.

Even where there’s an internal or external expert advising them, Social Media Planner can help business owners build a common understanding of the social media strategies being recommended to them and model how they might work. This can help the business owner and the expert to work together effectively to deliver great outcomes.

Public Sector Communication and Digital Professionals

For public sector digital and communication professionals, Social Media Planner is a great tool for helping build experience within their broader team of why, when and how to use digital engagement tools within a communication or engagement strategy.

Social Media Planner supports digital and communication professionals to work with their policy and program colleagues to build a collective understanding of how social media may be used to meet specific project goals, and to create broader ownership of the social channels implemented.

Where agencies and councils work with external digital and advertising agencies to design and implement their social media plans, public sector professionals can use Social Media Planner to build a common understanding of the goals and model proposed approaches to build more effective strategies.

Where senior managers need to approach digital communication strategies, Social Media Planner can bridge the gap, allowing a strategy to be mapped out on a table and discussed in a few moments, rather than relying on a complex document to explain how a strategy will work.

Corporate social media teams

Corporate social media teams can use Social Media Planner to quickly model product digital strategies at a table, involving product managers and marketing professionals within the process.

Social Media Planner can also be used as an outreach tool for international offices and product groups who run their marketing independently, helping the corporate social media team to build a shared language and understanding of how digital might be applied across the company to achieve the best results in a consistent and measurable fashion.

Where corporations need to react quickly to competitive threats or external risks, Social Media Planner helps social media teams to be fast and innovative in their responses, allowing them to quickly develop and test a effective counter strategy, testing different options on a table.

Social Media Planner also supports corporations to grow their digital expertise and innovativeness, as a safe platform for testing new ideas and approaches ahead of market testing.


Digital Agencies and Social Media Experts

For digital agencies and social media experts Social Media Planner is a tool for helping them work more closely with their clients – allowing them to work collaboratively and build a common understanding of the digital strategies and tactics they recommend.

Social Media Planner also helps digital and social media experts to break out of pattern-based thinking and consider innovative new ways of combining social media tools to construct effective strategies for their clients.

When working with senior client management, and when pitching or tendering for work, Social Media Planner can help agencies and experts to better communicate their ideas and approaches and differentiate themselves from storyboard or purely online approaches to illustrate their expertise.

Social Media Planner also makes a great corporate gift for clients, giving them a tool to educate themselves on social media and increasing their interest in working with a particular digital agency or social media expert to deliver an awesome outcome for their digital engagement.